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Helen Colston, Owner, and CEO of Paragon Registry and Referral Group, LLC in Southfield, Michigan. Helen’s career spans administration, finance, and business consulting for over 21 years. She shares her experience working with everything and everyone from Fortune 500 corporations and small companies, to disadvantaged businesses and individuals with mental and physical barriers.

Episode Highlights:

  • How did Paragon Registry get started?
  • What types of services does the Paragon Registry offer their clients?
  • Which elements for employment can Paradigm Registry help clients with?
  • How do potential clients get enrolled in the program?
  • What are some of the successes that Paragon has experienced?
  • What about Paragon makes it a company with long-lasting potential?
  • What unique employee requests have Paragon has been able to fulfill?
  • Which types of small businesses can Paragon service?
  • Helen shares her personal barriers that she hasn’t allowed to define her.
  • How does Paragon position individuals to achieve and feel fulfilled?
  • Paragon works with everyone from teenagers to retirement
  • What makes Helen so passionate about the work she does at Paragon?
  • Helen looks for possibilities to place employees long-term to reduce turn-over.

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