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Grant to help Detroit residents

Matrix Human Services

Grant to help Detroit residents

Due to COVID-19, an unprecedented number of Detroit residents have been without work for months, further exasperating households already in desperate need of human services and family support programs. Matrix Human Services, through a $25,000 grant awarded from United Way of Southeastern Michigan, is available to help Detroit residents who apply and qualify. Up to $500 is available per household to help pay their rent and mortgages. These efforts target the prevention of more homelessness in the city. As COVID-19 continues to hit our urban areas the hardest, becoming homeless during this time is more dangerous than ever before.

WHERE and HOW to APPLY: Please contact Cynthia Elmore-LeJeune, Manager of Financial Empowerment Services for Matrix Human Services at  313-526-4000 Ext. 1411 or email at celmorelejeune@matrixhs.org

WHAT: Matrix Human Services provides direct housing support to those living in Detroit that are in danger of eviction and becoming homeless. Further, the grant money is distributed to those who apply, qualify, and participate in one-on-one financial coaching and counseling that aims to improve credit scores, net worth, and overall financial stability. Matrix also offers optional services such as tax prep assistance, home buying classes to encourage first-time homeownership and other essential needs to assist during this pandemic. Please visit https://www.matrixhumanservices.org/covid19/  for a complete of programs and services.


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