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Detroit Means Business an Introduction to Michigan Work Share Program

Michigan’s Work Share program allows you to keep your employees working with reduced hours, while employees collect partial unemployment benefits to make up a portion of the lost wages. This tutorial provides step by step instructions for applying for the Work Share program.

What is Work Share?
How exactly does the program work?
Where can an employer direct questions about Work Share?
Why would a union member with seniority agree to reduced hours through Work Share when his/her job would be secure and an employee in his unit with less seniority would be laid off?
What other responsibilities does an employer have after the plan is approved?
Can an employee of an employer enrolled in Work Share participate if they have a part time job or another source of employment?
Why should an employer consider using the Work Share program?
Are there any requirements for employee participation?
If an employer chooses Work Share, must he or she use it for the entire business?
Can I lay off some of the workers participating in a Work Share plan and continue the plan with the remaining individuals?
How long can my employees receive Work Share benefits?
How does an employer sign up for the Work Share program?
Should my application specify which employees will be participating in the Work Share program?
How will I know if my Work Share is approved?
How does an employer terminate their participation in the Work Share program?
What are the requirements to receive Work Share benefits?
How many employees are required for a Work Share plan?
If an employee already has a regular unemployment claim on which the benefit year hass not yet expired, does he or she have to apply for another claim under Work Share?
What happens if an employee receives holiday, sick, or vacation pay?
Must hours of work be reduced equally for all employees?
If you laid off employees, can you rehire them and the do Work Share? If so, how long do you have to wait?
How many hours of work can be reduced in a Work Share plan?
How does an employer legally conclude their participation in the Work Share program?
Must an employee actively seek other work or accept other work while participating in Work Share?
For those employers approved, will employees start receiving partial UI benefits when their hours were reduced or when the employee’s application was accepted?
How long does the Work Share program last?
Can an employer enroll his employees in the Work Share program if they are behind in paying their unemployment insurance taxes?
If an employer has union employees, must the union approve Work Share?
Can an employer with multiple businesses enroll one business in Work Share and not the other?
Can the union representative request a modification or termination of a Work Share plan?
What are the costs associated with the Work Share program?
Not every employee within the “affected unit” is a union member; can the unit still be approved for a Work Share plan?


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