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Sample Coronavirus Communication To Employees

During this COVID-19 health crisis and period of stay-at-home orders from the government, we are working with experts in HR to determine the best approach to filing for benefits for each of our employees to ensure you receive the maximum benefit as possible under the law, whether it be through Family First, FMLA or the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA). To accomplish this, we will be filing for benefits on behalf of all of our employees to maximize your benefits.

By filing for our entire employee group, claim processing will speed up greatly. We will also be able to monitor the progress of your claims and provide you with information more quickly. Each employee should receive confirmation of their filing status within 24-48 hours of filing from UIA.

We are in this together. We are all hurting, but our goal is to do our best to help each and every one of our valued employees receives as much financial support as possible.    


Felicia G. Harris
​Principal Owner

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