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Employee Reduction Options During Coronavirus Crisis

Felicia Harris, Founder, and CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services walks you through the options that you have presently to offer your employees during this critical time of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Felicia Harris offers helpful tips on both a Michigan state level and also a federal level to reassure your team that you have their back and so they know what their options are. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Go to the news section of EverythingHR.net to find coronavirus HR news.  
  • Stay in contact with your employment staff. 
  • What are the differences between a furlough, a layoff and a reduction in the workforce?
  • Felicia Harris goes step-by-step through employee reduction program options.
  • How does the workshare program work? 
  • What are the differences between temporary leave vs. termination?  
  • Felicia Harris explains The Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  
  • The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act applies to employers with less than 500 employees. 
  • Send out the appropriate forms to your employees. 
  • Employees are allowed to have a private medical profile.   
  • Employers payroll withholding taxes. 
  • Take the responsibility and file for benefits on behalf of your employees. 

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Felicia G. Harris
​Principal Owner

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