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Employment Law Updates with Littler Mendelson Employment Law Firm

Felicia Harris, CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services, interviews a team of lawyers from Littler Mendelson Law Firm regarding employment law updates. They discuss a range of updates and pitfalls including paid time off, minimum wage, immigration, legal marijuana use, firearms, and sexual harassment. 

  • Littler Mendelson Law Firm is the largest employer-side employment law firm in the world with 1400 attorneys; it is exclusively an employer management defense firm
  • Michigan recent law updates – new paid sick leave going into effect in March 2019
  • There was no mandatory paid sick leave in Michigan before this act was passed
  • To be in compliance with the new law, any company with 50 or more employees should consult with its legal team
  • Status on state Guidance – Guidance from the state would be helpful, but it may not happen
  •  Employers should consult with legal teams to know whether specific employees are covered by the new act
  • Michigan state Legislature passed a minimum wage increase law which will again increase at the end of March 2019
  • Current wages for salaried workers and how to calculate work time based on the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Immigration laws including and recent historical background, necessary forms, and other details
  • Littler Mendelson collaborates with someone’s existing legal counsel
  •  How the recent legalization of recreational marijuana is impacting labor laws nationwide
  •  Firearms in the workplace
  • The #MeToo movement and why employers need to take it seriously

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Felicia G. Harris
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