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Corp! salutes diversity award winners

Management experts agree that workplace diversity translates into significant benefits for businesses.

But then, Corp! magazine’s Salute to Diversity Award winners already knew that.

Ask them how diversity has aided their operations, and you’ll hear several common refrains about how it:

  • Inspires creativity and drives innovation by ensuring a wide variety of perspectives and viewpoints
  • Promotes cross-cultural understanding that leads to more effective marketing strategies
  • Makes a company attractive to talented, globally minded job candidates for whom a multicultural and diverse workforce is important
  • Boosts problem-solving capacity and leads to higher productivity

A report prepared by consulting company McKinsey & Company puts an even finer point on it: Companies with racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s average.

This year, Corp! is recognizing nearly 80 winners in three categories: Diversity Focused Companies, Diversity Business Leaders and Diversity Champions.

The winners were feted during a Sept. 26 ceremony at the International Banquet and Conference Center in Detroit.

Following are brief profiles of your 2019 Salute to Diversity Award winners:

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Corp! Salutes Diversity Award Winners


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