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3 Simple Steps to turn employees into brand ambassadors

As the president of Schott Cultural Consulting and author of the Keys to Client Communication System™, Kim helps small and mid-size organizations get found online easier. She helps businesses consistently attract groups of their most profitable English, Chinese, and Spanish speaking clients using Multicultural Marketing and digital media. Kim uses market research and sales tactics that resonate with different genders, lifestyles, age groups and specific ethnic markets.  Kim will discuss with Felicia 3 simple steps to turn employees into brand ambassadors.

Episode Highlights:

  • What are employee brand ambassadors and why does your company need them
  • Your company vision and mission statement should be region-specific
  • Employees must know their value and how they add value to the company
  • What are the best ways for employees to share information about their business online
  • Keep your policies updated and relevant
  • Quality control is important with marketing materials and online videos
  • How do you create appropriate and compelling company content
  • Make it easy for employees to share company content
  • Help your employee brand ambassadors to become an extension of your sales department
  • How can brand ambassadors improve a company’s image during a negative public relations event
  • Train employees on how to communicate properly about their company during a crisis
  • When everyone is engaged in sales and supply chain, everyone is a winner

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