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Community Transformation Through Education

Felicia Harris, CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services has her HR Manager Joseline Bolden interview Cyekeia Lee, Director of Communication Collaboration at The Kalamazoo Promise. Cyekeia Lee shares the ways that The Kalamazoo Promise is transforming its community through education. She also discusses the efforts used to create pathways for students and how businesses can pair with the foundation to expand those efforts. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Cyekeia Lee talks about her educational and professional career. 
  • What is The Kalamazoo Promise? 
  • What types of results has The Kalamazoo Promise generated?
  • Why was The Kalamazoo Promise created?    
  • What are the requirements to receive The Promise?       
  • How long do students have to use their Promise?
  • How much money has The Kalamazoo Promise paid out thus far?
  • What are some of the popular colleges and universities that students from The Kalamazoo Promise have attended? 
  • What ways can businesses partner with The Kalamazoo Promise? 
  • Are their other similar programs in the state of Michigan?   
  •   What are some career pathways that The Kalamazoo Promise can outline for students?
  • Cyekeia Lee provides a recap of the important points she has already shared.
  • Where does Cyekeia Lee see the future of The Kalamazoo Promise heading?   
  • What methods does Cyekeia use to work with other promise programs?   
  • How did she come into the role of championing The Kalamazoo Promise?
  • Cyekeia Lee shares the ways that The Kalamazoo Promise has made changes in students’ lives.   
  • What ways does The Kalamazoo Promise work with business organizations?       

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