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The Importance of Talent Development

Felicia Harris, CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services, provides extensive insight into developing talent for your business. Find out how to instill leadership skills, communication, trust, assessments, on-the-job training, delegation strategies, and in-depth details about Felicia Harris’ Everything HR Talent Development Institute.

Episode Highlights:

  • Felicia Harris introduces this episode’s topic of talent development. 
  • What skills are taught at the Everything HR Talent Development Institute?
  • Influence and Leadership is a course that the Everything HR Talent Development Institute offers for improving leadership skills.
  • Make sure that employees know that they will need to grow their skills. 
  • We are all replaceable so we need to keep adding to the value we bring. 
  • How do you improve communication and trust?
  • How is AI going to change your business model?
  • Talent shortages occur when businesses don’t adapt to what customers want. 
  • We have to work on our business not just in our business.
  •   Performance reviews should be part of an ongoing dialogue.
  • Clarify the roles of your organization. 
  • Start building your funnel for the future. 
  • How do you identify the appropriate training programs for employees?
  • What is your delegation strategy to increase productivity? 
  • There are other forms of motivation besides monetary gains. 
  • What types of training programs and courses are offered at the Everything HR Talent Development Institute?
  • Why are the needs assessments very important? 
  • What do you do when you train employees that take those skills and leave?
  • Felicia discusses offering on-the-job training. 
  • Communication is crucial in a multi-generational workforce. 
  • Incentivized employee recommendations are important to attract talent. 
  • You can create apprenticeship programs for any level of business.

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