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Leadership in a Global Context

Felicia Harris, CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services, interviews Andrea Fleischfresser, CPCC, PCC, Leadership/Career/Personal Development Coach at Destination You Coaching & Development. Andrea shares her experiences working as an expatriate coach and cross-cultural trainer that assists leaders in being effective on an international level. Also, learn from Andrea Fleischfresser’s understanding of what makes a great leader, the power of open-mindedness, what is involved in acclimating to a new culture, and the services her company Destination You Coaching & Development provides to clients. 

Episode Highlights: 
*To develop leaders for a global economy, what are the things that Destination You coaches them on? 
*How does Andrea get clients prepared? 
*What are the steps of an employee going into another culture? 
*What can be expected in the interview process? 
*Andrea discusses psychological assessments and getting acclimated to a new country.
*Being open-minded and open enough to share can benefit everyone.  
*Andrea Fleischfresser shares her background that begins with being from Brazil and her husband from Italy. 
*What are some suggestions that Andrea has for someone who struggles with networking and embracing a global mindset? 
*Vulnerability affects our self-awareness and leadership.
*What are the qualities of a true leader?
*Andrea shares a story about a client from Puerto Rico looking to work better with their team?
*People often learn more from their mistakes than they do from their successes. 

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