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Understanding The Gig Economy

Amy Anger, Owner, and Founder of Atrip Consulting, Executive and Culture Coach, Attorney, National Speaker, Freelance Community Advocate, and Gig Economy Expert. Atrip Consulting is a management consulting firm that counsels companies on how to engage independent workers. Amy shares her breadth of experience paring companies and contract workers in the gig economy, the ideal methods to attract and integrate workers, and how to reduce company concerns that the gig economy may cause.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the gig economy
  • Which industries are primarily part of the gig economy
  • What are the concerns of companies that are skeptical of work-at-home employees
  • Just because you can see an employee in your office doesn’t mean they are being productive
  • People want to do work that makes them feel valued and that they are passionate about
  • How do you merge the culture of a company and an independent contractor
  • Change is inevitable, especially with technology’s role in business
  • How do you attract and integrate independent contract workers
  • What is some advice that Amy has for managers working with gig workers
  • If people aren’t trying new things, then the company isn’t innovating
  • What are some communication techniques for integrating independent contractors
  • Ask yourself, ‘what does success look like’ and plan the steps to meet the end result
  • How can you help employees feel secure that their jobs aren’t threatened by gig workers
  • Companies need to be open and honest with workers about what they are doing and why
  • The recruiting process is important to find the right workers

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