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Reducing Business Risk Through Smart Legal Strategy

Alari Adams, Founder, and Attorney at ASquared Legal Group, a minority and women-certified law firm based in downtown Detroit, specializing in business, labor and employment, and intellectual property law. Alari breaks down the differences between types of business structures, ways businesses can protect themselves from risk and vulnerability, and issues regarding independent contractors and employees.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction of Alari Adams
  • What types of challenges do your clients typically need help with
  • Should late fees be included in contracts
  • Is there a precedent set that you have to be equal for all clients
  • How can business owners protect themselves from being taken advantage of
  • What is the difference between providing an employee an offer letter and an employment contract
  • Is an employee tied to an employee when the employment contract ends
  • What are issues employers should be mindful of
  • Know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor
  • What are the choices you have depending on your business structure
  • Limited Liability Company’s assets are the only ones vulnerable to litigation
  • From a risk perspective, should businesses be set up as S-Corps or C-Corps
  • Alari Adams shares her contact information for business inquiries
  • What are some primary risks for business owners to be aware of
  • How is employer protection liability insurance beneficial
  • Which issues are extremely common in Alari’s practice
  • How should you calculate the hours for the Paid Medical Leave Act
  • When should you update employee handbooks and procedures
  • Make sure you have a harassment and discrimination policy in place
  • Alari Adams recaps her business history and her contact information

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