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Hiring Interns and Investing in Community

Felicia Harris, interviews  Fred Lumpkin, the Director of Corporate Work Study at Detroit Cristo Rey in Detroit Michigan. Within this work-study program, Fred is going on his fifth year of being responsible for over 330 students that are employees at over 80 different organizations. Fred explains how Cristo Rey works between high school students and workforce partners, the high level of professional training that students receive, and the ample amount of benefits for employers.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction of Fred Lumpkin
  • What exactly is Detroit Cristo Rey
  • What types of results have Cristo Rey managed to achieve
  • How is the work-study program financially supported
  • What types of organizations are partnered with Cristo Rey
  • How does the training support and resources work between Cristo Rey and business partners
  • How is timelessness and attendance of students addressed
  • There are six or seven different employment industries that students work in
  • How does the summer program work
  • What does Cristo Rey do to support students and partners
  • How does Cristo Rey handle students that perform poorly
  • How can interested businesses contact Fred Lumpkin and Cristo Ray
  • Are short term employment opportunities available
  • There is a difference between experience and talent

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