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Valuing your employees

Christina Concord of Antina Promotions. Concord discusses how her organization focuses on engaging clients and elevating brands, especially within the internal marketing side of the business. The two talk about how to help organizations retain, appreciate and reward their employees through the use of incentive programs and promotions that increase employee productivity.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction of Christina Concord
  • Employees are the “first customer” of a company.
  • Employees have better productivity when they are appreciated and happy
  • Employee culture is important
  • Why onboarding is important
  • Proper onboarding makes new employees feel more welcome
  • Acknowledge a new employee’s family as well
  • How to be prepared for your new employee
  • Employers should also appreciate their current employees
  • Recognition programs are very valuable
  • Start with an organizational assessment about the culture and feel of your company
  • Wellness programs as a helpful tool to reward employees
  • Retaining employees with programs is very cost-effective
  • How to keep high engagement
  • Culture and branding are both integral
  • Promotions work within a budget and focus on a company’s specific audience
  • Employee appreciation should be an ongoing initiative

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