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Legal Marijuana Use – It’s a Risky Business

Patricia Shall, President of Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions and Sean Powers, Attorney and Partner at Lacey & Jones, LLP about legal marijuana use from a business perspective. Patricia and  Sean cover how marijuana legalization has affected workplace discipline, employment policies, workers compensation, and what employers and employees should know when facing medical marijuana situations.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction of Patricia Shall and Sean Powers
  • How many states have legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana use
  • Can employers prohibit the use of marijuana
  • How do we know if it is old or new marijuana use
  • Drug test policies shouldn’t just be to get rid of employees
  • Are we allowed to ask if employees are currently using the drug
  • How do we handle employees having drugs in their possession on a federal government site
  • How do we handle claims of marijuana mixed with other drugs
  • Can employers require applicants to pay for drug tests
  • Workplace rules and policies need to be in writing and made clear to employees
  • What are the general terms of unemployment benefits and marijuana testing
  • What common questions do they tend to get from clients about medical marijuana
  • What is a Stokes Evaluation
  • How is workers compensation affected by work-related injuries
  • What are the levels of disabilities for workers compensation
  • How should business owners apply their policies and procedures
  • What happens with retaliations and worker compensation claims
  • Keep reinforcing drug policies and keep records of these communications
  • There is no particular stereotype for medical marijuana use

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