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Why New Hires Quit Before They Start

Felicia Harris, Founder, and CEO of EverythingHR and EverythingHR Financial Services tell us why new hires are
a critical part of our business and how we can retain their value and help them thrive.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to establish a culture that keeps employees thriving
  • Why filling out paperwork shouldn’t be the first job for a new employee
  • Establish a relationship with your new hire from the first interview and how you can do it
  • Small business owners have change to their advantage
  • How you can communicate successfully with your employees
  • Why compensation is always going to be an issue whether the employee a new hire or not
  • Key questions to ask when hiring
  • Why Day 1 assessments are important to determine the best fit
  • People who developed relationships in the company are proven to stay with the company longer
  • Relationships with new hires are similar to those you have with a customer
  • How to avoid toxic environments
  • A new hire is a wonderful barometer of the environment you have created
  • Establishing check-ins with a new-hire is a critical sign of the company’s health
  • Managing expectations of the new-hire
  • The pitfalls of a company handbook and why you need to give new hires the ability to discuss it
  • Repetition of culture exposure is highly recommended
  • New hires are an important part of taking your company to the next level
  • A well-defined orientation process is key
  • The culture that improves retention rates of employees
  • Why bidding wars to retain talent is a dangerous trap
  • You can’t be afraid to lose or retain value when dealing with employees
  • How to prepare your company for a downturn
  • Why a pipeline for new employees is important in order to avoid disruption of business
  • How to get international and national HR questions answered

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Felicia G. Harris
​Principal Owner

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